Advanced Human Trafficking of Minors

Course Description

The purpose of the Advanced Human Trafficking of Minors Investigations course is to educate investigators of human trafficking, pimping, pandering, and prostitution crimes, recruitment, methodology, characteristics, and current laws.  The instructors will utilize real world examples and cases studies to assist with criminal investigations and subsequent prosecutions.  Students will be educated on current investigative / interview techniques, recruiting methods, vernacular specific to the subculture, and collection methods for processing evidence related to human trafficking crimes.  The course will be interactive and the instructors will encourage class participation at all times.

***PLEASE NOTE: THIS COURSE IS LIMITED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PROSECUTORS ONLY. If you are neither, the Human Trafficking of Minors course is better suited.

 Course Certification Hours: 8

Course Fee Information:

There is no cost for this training; it is funded by a California EMA grant.
There is no reimbursement available for travel, lodging or per diem.