Bulletproof Spirit: Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

Course Description

The #1 cause of death every year for police officers is suicide (nearly 200). 120,000 officers are working with PTSD. There are twice as many problem drinking officers as the general public and an estimated 20% of officers have at least one addiction. None of these officers ever thought it would happen to them. Without emotional survival and wellness training, officers are left on their own to be victimized by their profession. There are effective methods to “Bulletproof” an officer’s spirit to protect, heal, and sustain them throughout their career. Learn how the job has an inherent nature to turn us into someone our loved ones no longer recognize. Learn suicide prevention and awareness, how to mitigate symptoms of PTSD, over 30 proactive emotional survival and wellness strategies, how to cultivate effective support from home, and how to take better care of ourselves and each other.

Course Topics

  • Warning Signs
  • Emotional Survival Lessons
  • Wellness Strategies
  • PTSD Symptoms & Treatment
  • Critical Support from Home
  • Peer Support & Critical Incident Stress Management

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