Human Trafficking of Minors

Course Description

This is a one day, 8-hour awareness course that will give enough depth of information to the first responder to enable them to effectively recognize the signs of human trafficking and enslavement, perform a preliminary investigation to determine if critical statutes are being violated and what resources are available to first responders, professionals and victims concerning human trafficking of minors.

Who Should Attend:
This is a one-day, 8-hour POST-certified course for first responders. The first responders have the best potential for intercepting a human trafficking of minors crime at any of the stages of the crime if properly trained.

Course Topics

  • Scope of Human Trafficking
  • Law Enforcement Responsibilities
  • Child & Minor Human Trafficking
  • Case Development & Case Studies
  • Collaboration with Victim Service Providers
  • Investigative Tools
  • Identification of Child Trafficking Victim & Legal Issues

Course Certification Number: 9070-21517
Course Certification Hours: 8

Course Fee Information:

There is no cost for this training; it is funded by a California EMA grant.

There is no reimbursement available for travel, lodging or per diem.