Welcome to SDRTC On-line registration. There have been changes made to the on-line registration process to make it even easier to register on-line.

NOTE: PLEASE ENSURE YOU REFRESH YOUR FORM (go to VIEW, select REFRESH- it will display the latest version on your screen). Otherwise, if there is an old version of the form in your cache, it will display.

To aid in the registration process there is a form for each course category. The THREE categories of courses are:
  Public Agency courses
  CA POST Law Enforcement courses
  CA Standards of Corrections courses

Within each category there are forms for either INDIVIDUAL or MULTIPLE student registrations. Please click the category and student option below to be taken to the appropriate form. 

The MULTIPLE STUDENT registration is for agencies and training managers who are sending two or more students to the SAME course of instruction. That information has been streamlined to speed up the process.


Thank you for choosing the SDRTC to meet your training needs.