Our Top 10
Public Sector Courses
Our Top 10
POST Certified Courses

 n Supervisorís Academy

  n  Management Course
 n Writing for Results   n  ICI Investigations Core Course
 n Supervision Making a Successful Transition   n  ICI Domestic Violence Investigations
 n Effective Presentations   n  ICI Identity Theft Investigations
 n Proofreading and Editing Professionally   n  Master Instructor Development Program
 n Service Excellence   n  Labor Management Partnership Course
 n Communication Skills   n  Domestic Violence for First Responders
 n Managing Stress in the Workplace   n  Domestic Violence for Dispatchers
 n Strategies for Working with an Upset Public   n  Sexual Assault for First Responders
 n Training for Trainers (Instructor Development)   n Domestic Violence for Crisis Negotiator
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